Can you Promote Your New Website Without a Marketing Budget in 2021?


So you have created a new business website. It’s fantastic and looks great! Unfortunately, you don’t have much budget left for marketing. Is it possible to still promote your website without spending a fortune? Are there any free tools and resources that can help?

Of course, there is! If you know where to look, there is a great range of promotional tools you can use to market your new website. To show you just what is available, we have listed 6 ways that you can promote your website without spending a penny.

1. Utilize Social Media

Firstly, use social media! Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for example, are all free to use. Using these platforms you can easily reach thousands of potential customers. Also, you can freely promote your website by including the link in your business profile, but also by including links to your website in your posts. Social media remains one of the most potent free marketing tools available.

2. Submit your website to Google Places

Google Places is a simple but effective free business listing tool. When you load Google Maps and click on a business – you may see a pop-up that shows additional business info. This is generated through a Google Places listing.
Having a Google Places listing will also help boost your search rankings, but make your website more accessible and visible. Customers can also leave reviews and give your business a star rating which will help generate interest and a positive reputation.

3. Use free resources to create print and digital marketing

There is a good range of free resources you can use to create free media for your website. For example, allows you to create high-quality business cards that you can include your website link on. Also, platforms like Adobe Spark are great for creating social media content and producing consistent branding that can also help promote your site.

4. Improve the basic SEO of your website

Ranking on search engines like Google is one of the best ways to promote your site. To do this, you must have basic SEO principles in-place on your website. For example, your site should have clean code that is compliant with W3C standards.

Also, you should utilize the Meta title and description tags on all of your pages, and include important keywords in them. Ensure that all images have Alt tags too which contain keywords if possible. Finally, ensure that your images are also optimized for quicker page loading times.

5. Submit your website to free listing sites

Although website listings and directories are not as popular today, there is still a range of useful directories that can help promote your website. Firstly, look at your local area. Are there any local Facebook groups, or local directories that promote businesses?

Also consider websites like Best of The Web, AboutUs,, and Yelp. These are all relatively well-known business listing directories that will help improve traffic and boost awareness of your website. You can also submit your business listing for free.
Website promotion doesn’t have to be costly!

As you can see, you don’t necessarily need a large marketing budget to promote your new website. Using the above tips and tools, you can market your website for free. This can allow you to use your remaining budget elsewhere such as developing your site further or new product research.

Of course, having a marketing budget is something you should eventually consider as it can pay dividends. However, once you have just completed your website, it is not essential.